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Why You Need a Family Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law has a long history of helping families reunite and remain together. However, family-based immigration has strict rules and deadlines that must be followed. A mistake can delay or even derail your case. Visit website.

The process of sponsoring a foreign family member to become a green card holder is complex and tedious. The assistance of a knowledgeable New York family immigration lawyer can help make the process less stressful.

Family-Based Immigration

Family-based immigration allows a US citizen or lawful permanent resident (green card holder) to sponsor their spouse, children, parents, and siblings for immigrant visas. These relatives must qualify as immediate relatives in order to be eligible for fast-tracked processing.

Generally, the number of immigrant visas available to immediate relatives is unlimited. However, there are limited family preference categories for other more distant relationships, and these visas are subject to a yearly cap. This creates backlogs and long waits for many of these categories.

We can help you navigate this process as quickly and effectively as possible. We will prepare and file the appropriate visa petition and accompanying paperwork. We can also assist with interview preparation and representation at USCIS offices, service centers, or U.S. consulates abroad. We have helped families across the country reunite and achieve their dreams of starting a new life in the United States. Contact us to discuss your family’s unique situation and how we can help.

Adjustment of Status

A family immigration lawyer can handle the process of applying for lawful permanent residency (a green card) while in the United States. This is called adjustment of status. The immigration laws allow immediate family members of citizens and lawful permanent residents to sponsor their spouses, children, parents, and siblings for green cards, and this is referred to as an “adjustment.”

When people file for adjustment of status, they are usually required to attend an interview with an officer who will ask them questions under oath. This is often a daunting experience for the applicant. It is important that they prepare and have an experienced NJ immigration attorney by their side to help them answer these questions correctly.

Also, it is a good idea to have the lawyer file all the proper paperwork properly, as any errors can delay the case or even cause it to be denied. This is a complex process that requires the expertise of a knowledgeable family immigration lawyer.

Consular Processing

If you want to bring your family members to the United States from outside the country, you must use consular processing. The first step is to have an immigrant petition filed on your behalf. Then, the person seeking citizenship must go to the embassy or consulate in their home country to complete their application.

This involves submitting various forms, having a medical exam, and attending an interview with a consular officer. Because there is no appeals process for denials, it is important to have a qualified attorney on your side to make sure you file the right paperwork and avoid any errors that could delay or even derail the application.

An experienced New York family immigration lawyer from our firm can help you through every stage of the process. We have handled thousands of family-based visa cases, and we can ensure that your relative’s case gets the best possible outcome. We also have substantial experience in asylum and refugee law, which are other pathways to permanent resident status.

Green Cards

Green cards allow individuals to legally live and work in the United States. Eiges & Eiges handles family-based green card cases for clients throughout New York City. We help clients to prove their relationship with their relatives, as well as that they possess the financial resources to support their dependents after they settle in the country. We also assist with the process of proving a bona fide marriage, which is necessary for spouses seeking green cards.

The number of visas available for immediate family members of US citizens is unlimited, but the quotas for other types of immigrant visas are limited each year. This can lead to lengthy delays between the approval of a petition and the issuance of a green card.

Some immigrants receive conditional green cards, which must be removed within two years, while others receive permanent resident status after investing a significant amount of money in a U.S. business. All green card applicants must pass background checks and medical examinations to ensure that they are not a threat to public safety and security.


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