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Types of patrolling services


Since there’s a variety of patrolling services, it’s essential to choose the suitable one to secure your property. Depending on your facility, you may even consider implementing different patrolling services to ensure your assets are safe. Security guards are educated to conduct effective security patrols and use various security strategies. The security guard patrol can conduct foot patrols, vehicular patrols and use different security tools such as CCTV systems, sensor/alarm systems, and in some cases, even drones. Typically, the most common types of patrolling services include traditional patrol, vehicular patrol, watchman clock, CCTV system, guard tour system, and artificial intelligence patrol.

1.Traditional patrols

Traditional patrols can be conducted on foot or in vehicles. They include managers who assign tasks to junior guards, dividing them between different areas of the facility. On-foot patrols are helpful for smaller facilities, where security guards can walk around and discover potential security breaches (such as damaged property, jammed doors, broken windows, flooding, etc.). The most effective way to achieve security is to have several security guards covering the whole facility at every moment. Having one stationary security guard is not advisable since he might be prone to fatigue, tiredness, and sleepiness due to a lack of activity. On the other hand, if your property is quite large, it’s best to hire vehicular patrols which provide greater mobility. They are handy during night shifts because they can use headlights to deter any potential threat.

2.Watchman clock

A watchman clock is essentially a mechanical clock with a strip of paper (or light cardboard) placed inside it. Security guards walk around a property with a watchman clock, and when they get to a checkpoint where a key is mounted (it’s typically locked in place). Guards then insert the key into their clock, which imprints the paper disk with the key number. The times on the disk are pre-printed. That way, the guard’s actions are being monitored. When the shift is done, the officer unlocks the watchman clock to retrieve the tape and check the guard’s activities. However, watchman clocks are now being replaced with different electronic systems.

3.CCTV system

If the property is not suitable for human patrols, it’s best to use closed-circuit television equipment. In this case, cameras are placed all around the facility, and a security guard is placed in the central control room. He must constantly pay attention to every monitor and look for every movement to recognize potential threats. If he detects an abnormal situation, he should send out an alarm and aid security personnel to resolve the crisis in the fastest way possible.

4.Artificial Intelligence patrol

AI patrol robots are equipped with face recognition systems. Its cameras can record the faces of security personnel, as well as crime conductors. Typically, security personnel should approach the robot once in a while. The AI patrol then sends the information about the guard (including his location) to the officer. They also come with synthesized voice warnings which are activated after a specific type of crime is recognized.


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