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How to Maximize Compensation Following a Semi-Truck Accident

Since truck accidents tend to be much more serious than your average case, you might be entitled to more compensation. However, how much you get will depend on a variety of factors. Some may be out of your control but, in many cases, it’s what you do after the accident that will make the biggest difference. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to maximize your compensation following a semi-truck accident.


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Hire the Right People

You should find a qualified law firm that represent truck driver first and foremost. Going with a lawyer that has seen a lot of these cases will ensure that you don’t miss anything. They will instantly be able to look at the case, and see which parties could be held responsible.

A good team will also have a lot of resources at their disposal. They might have experts that can reconstruct a scene or someone who can look at some of the evidence in the case and spot inconsistencies. These are all things that could tip the balance in your favor.

Be Careful with What You Do and Say

The way you conduct yourself after the accident will also make a big difference in how much you can expect to get. If you are found on social media posting photos of you having a blast with your friends, it will be hard to claim pain and suffering, for instance.

Also know that insurance companies will pull no stops to rob you of your compensation. They will try to have you sign things posing as if it’s a formality. Some will go as far as using surveillance to make sure that you’re telling the truth. So, even doing something like running errands or doing some yard work could work against you in your case.

Another thing insurance companies will try to do is give you an initial lowball offer. This offer might seem good to you, especially when knowing that everything will be over after that. But don’t fall for that trap. You have to make sure that you run any document by your attorney before signing anything.

Do Everything Your Doctor Says

You also have to make sure that you do every single thing your doctor advises you to down to the last detail. Even one missed appointment could reflect poorly on you. You have to show the court that you were seriously injured, so if you start ignoring your doctor’s advice and missing follow-ups, then it will show that they might not be that serious after all.

Don’t Rush

Whatever you do, never rush the process. You might get a few offers, and there are cases when settling is a good idea but, if you do it too soon, you might not be able to get compensation for future damages. So, make sure that you have a clear assessment of your situation so you can have a better idea of what these damages may be.

These are all things that you can do to make sure that you get the most money possible from your semi-truck accident case. It all starts with the right team and knowing what to do and avoid.


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