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How a DC DUI Attorney Can Help You Avoid Serious Long-Term Consequences

A DC DUI Attorney can help people facing DUI charges avoid serious long-term consequences including revocation of their driver’s license, increased auto insurance rates, a damaged credit score, and travel restrictions. A competent lawyer will also poke holes in the prosecution’s case before it goes to trial.

A good defense strategy could be as simple as determining whether the police had a valid reason to pull over the defendant in the first place. There are many other things a lawyer may examine to weaken the prosecution’s case as well.

Defending Your Rights

A DC DUI attorney works to protect your Constitutional rights from the start of a case, including at the initial hearing known as an arraignment. An experienced lawyer could work to weaken the prosecutor’s case long before trial by examining how police officers obtained evidence and filing pre-trial motions.

Unlike most traffic tickets, a DUI conviction can have significant, long-term consequences. A criminal record for DUI could affect a person’s ability to obtain a job or go to school, damage their credit score and cause their car insurance rates to skyrocket. A DUI could even jeopardize security clearances needed to work in the government or military.

A qualified DC DUI lawyer has specialized training and experience in the field of DUI defense. They know how to challenge the legality of a traffic stop, arrest or breathalyzer test and how to negotiate a reduced charge or a diversion program. They may also be able to help you request an administrative hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles to avoid license suspension.

Challenge the Accuracy of the SFSTs and Chemical Tests

When police pull people over on suspicion of DUI in DC, they will likely ask them to perform standard field sobriety tests (SFST). The law requires that suspects take a breath test or blood test after an arrest, but they can refuse.

FSTs are designed to measure impairment and are standardized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, they are not infallible. A variety of factors can affect the performance of SFSTs, such as anxiety or stress, which could result in a false positive. Even worse, the interpretation of SFST results is subject to the subjective judgment of the officer administering them. A skilled DC DUI attorney can identify these flaws and use them to strengthen a case. Ultimately, this can help to secure a dismissal of charges or an acquittal.

Challenge the Prosecution’s Evidence

A skilled DUI attorney can work to weaken the prosecution’s case well before it goes to trial. By examining the legality of how police collected evidence and reviewing its validity, they could file pre-trial motions that would exclude certain information from a criminal trial.

The first issue that an attorney might attack is whether the person charged with DUI actually operated a vehicle. DC law states that a person must be in actual physical control of the car to be found guilty of driving while impaired. This means that they must be sitting in the driver’s seat with the keys in the ignition, or even just in the front passenger seat.

A DC DUI lawyer could also challenge the prosecution’s evidence regarding a breath or blood alcohol concentration test. These tests have their own specific protocol that a skilled attorney could use to expose any improprieties, possibly causing the results to be excluded from the court’s decision making process.

Negotiating a Plea Deal

For adults, a conviction of DUI has serious long-term consequences. A DC DUI attorney could help a person avoid those penalties by arguing for their innocence at the arraignment hearing and by fighting to have evidence like police reports, breath tests, or body-worn cameras admitted into court.

In some cases, it may make sense for a client to accept a plea deal. A DC DUI lawyer will have a good understanding of what to expect from the prosecution’s offer and can advise clients on whether to accept it or not.

Getting charged with DUI underage can have huge repercussions for teenagers who are in school, applying to colleges, or looking for internships and jobs. A DC DUI attorney could argue for their innocence and fight to have charges dropped or reduced so that these young people can continue to pursue their dreams without having to worry about a criminal record. Call a DC DUI attorney today to schedule a consultation.


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