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Finding the Right Representation

Most people plan for holidays, family events, education, work, and even what they are going to wear next week versus what was worn the previous week and earlier in the month. But few folks make it a point to actively plan their legal representation for the year, much less the next few hours. However, that’s exactly what would be advised as much as anything else that is important in personal life, like planning to buy a home, paying for college, or planning a retirement account.

Attorney Hiring Questions Should Not Be Last Minute

Legal representation for life issues can get complicated very quickly. How does one pick one attorney from another? Is it better to get a specialist or a generalist? What’s the difference between an attorney and a litigator? The last place people should be is trying to figure out how to hire an attorney for an immediate issue at the very last second, being pressured into a life-changing choice that could have ramifications for years forward. However, this exact scenario plays out again and again because of one simple, plannable aspect people could do at any time beforehand – think about legal representation before it is needed.

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Think of Representation Like You Do with Insurance

The idea of planning ahead for critical life needs is not a foreign concept. We all look for and contract out for health insurance, car insurance, and even life insurance if we have partners and family to take care of. All of these activities involve thinking about contingencies and putting resources in place to rely on should something bad happen. So why should the potential need for legal representation be any different? Granted, hiring an attorney is a bit of a different process than taking out a home insurance policy, but it’s the same general idea of putting a safety net in place for when it is really needed in the future.

Things Can Snowball Quickly

Life doesn’t follow a set map or process. It occurs randomly. A bad decision, a disagreement, or an economic turn of events can spin things out of control very quickly. Medical emergencies can cause bankruptcies. Elder care and hospice can sap savings accounts. Divorces turn everything upside down. An emotional outburst or bad moment can turn into an arrest. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks this is how their day is going to go, but by the end of the day, almost everyone wishes they could have anticipated the surprise and had an attorney ready to go. Fortunately, the latter part of the scenario is doable now. Everyone has the ability to research, look for, consider and potentially have on hand a good attorney to deal with life’s surprises. And when you think about the ramifications of doing otherwise, it only makes common sense.

Finding the Best Legal Prevention Resource

One of the best ways to go with preparing for life’s “What-Ifs” tends to be working with a law firm that has multiple capabilities in terms of dealing with the law. A firm that can handle both criminal law aspects, as well as general civil law, is a smart choice for future planning, especially one that can move quickly and stabilize a situation before it gets out of control. A firm like Tully Rinckey, for example, provides a client with immediate access to a team that can handle everything from employment law and criminal matters to military law and even appeals. Having that much expertise under one roof in a law firm is perfect for those who want representation that can deal with lots of possibilities versus one specific risk.

There are lots of good attorney teams available, like the Tully Rinckey professionals, but the key step for anyone is to start planning now before a need occurs, not after things blow up. While good legal counsel will try to make the best of things after the fact, having solid resources connected beforehand gives you far greater control of life’s risks and challenges as they occur. Risk management won’t stop every possible chance of something going wrong, but good planning with a qualified attorney can make things a lot easier to deal with when they occur.


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