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Email Marketing – Best Way to Build a Community While Traveling

Email Marketing

Building an online community as you travel can bring you many advantages.
The purpose of an online community is not just limited to visibility anymore. You must create added values to draw the attention of your community and establish loyalty.

In this article, we will be looking at ways to build an online community while traveling.

Before we head towards it, here is a question for you.

Have you built your prospect list?

If you have not yet started building one because you don’t know how to find someone’s email address, you can use an email lookup tool to find emails of your target audience.

How to find emails using email search tools?

With email lookup tools such as, you can easily locate the correct email address of your prospects. This tool uses machine learning and big data algorithms for this.

With, you can find email addresses from Gmail, LinkedIn too.

Now, let us look at the ways to build a community.

Solve a problem

There is so much of a problem that everyone is facing, and how do you pick one? It is simple. You could write about the challenges you faced in your travelling journey and how you addressed them. This will be a wonderful guide for all those who are just starting out on their journey.

People falling under your niche will find your blogs incredibly helpful.

Narrate stories

Though picking a niche, addressing the queries is an effective way to start a blog. It is important to have compelling narratives.

Yes, by helping people with addressing their queries, you will be able to draw traffic to your website; however, when you use a narrating tone readers will stick with your page.

Within your niche topic find stories or think of your experiences that you can narrate to your audience and inspire others to get started.

Keep improving continuously

Always give your best while you write, take pictures, gather information.

If you think you still need some skills and know tactics, you could sign up for online classes, check out free videos on YouTube, etc.

Ultimately, you need to ensure that you always keep showing an improvement in the quality of your work.

Don’t treat your blog as business

In all your blogs, try to give as much insights as you can to your readers. When someone reaches your blog page and reads the content, they must feel enlightened with all the values you have shared.
And never sound salesy or let too many ads run on your blog page. However, you may share links to any product page as part of your content.

Segregate your audience

You should segment your prospect list based on different criteria. This lets you give a personalized experience to your prospects.

Even though they all fall under your target audience, their choices, interests, demography, purchase capacity, perspective might be different.

And it is highly essential to consider these differences to provide a customized solution or reading experience to everyone.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the tools suggested here are the building blocks, and you need to put hard work towards success.


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